Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm still here

I'm sorry I havent posted any recipes in awhile. I have been pretty busy with the baby and helping my husband with the translations. But, hopefully I will be adding some more recipes in the near future. Thanks to everyone for all your kind comments and support!


  1. Odaygaaga tarjumaan miyaa? Waa shaqo fiican ah.

  2. Yes, we run a translation company. It is nice but it keeps us busy.

  3. Oh masha'Allah, so do you speak Somali?

    Did you have a baby?

  4. I read/write it better than I can speak it. I still don't consider myself fluent in Somali, I still have a ways to go. There are a few accents in the language that I can't seem to get down!

    I haven't had a baby recently, my daughter is 16 months old now. She just keeps me running around haha. I have to wait for her to go to bed before I can do a video so the house will be quit.

  5. Oh that's so great, I've been trying to learn, but it's hard cause it's not easy to find Somali classes. Where did you learn?

    I can imagine she must keep you very busy, and these aren't videos you can put together in a few minutes either!

  6. HI NicoleMarie i can teach u somali really is not that difficult! only you need is to practice somali

  7. maashallah iam somali i live in Newzealand i like your way to cook somali food thank you so much keep going
    we pray allah to give you happy live for rest of your life and your family