Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hello! Sorry it has been such a long time between videos. Insha Allah I will finish school in a few months and be able to spend more time updating the blog.

I got an email from and they asked me to share some information with you guys. They are having a 30% off all items with no exceptions, free worldwide shipping on orders over $100 and some new products for us to choose from! I am going to head over to their site and see if I can find some new fall and winter items.

Also, in the beginning of November I will be doing a little giveaway. I was contacted by a company and they asked to me to share some free coupons for coffee products with my readers! I will have all the details of the giveaway in the next week or two, Insha Allah. It will be completely free if you win, I will privately get your mailing address and mail you the coupon for a free product.

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